My favorite practices for self-care

Self-care is the idea that to be your best self, you have to take time for yourself and do things that make you

happy.  The things that make me happy all usually have a way of making me forget about the daily rat race of

life. Sometimes what makes me happy can be really little things that can have a positive impact and other

times it’s needing to take a day off work for my mental health.  

Here’s a list of things that brighten my day and ease my anxiety.  

  • Coffee

It’s not always easy to wake up in the morning, but then I remember that if I get up I can have coffee

if I get my butt out of bed.  That first sip is like liquid gold running through my veins.

  • Humor/funny stories/ jokes

i love laughing. One of the reasons I fell in love with Justin is because when we’re together we laugh

all the time.  I remember when we first started dating, he came to my apartment and we were watching a movie

and we had a blanket over us.  When we stood up after the movie was over, I noticed red fuzz all over us from

the blanket. I was like ‘oh my God, what happened?!” and he said ‘It’s on all of us!!”.   I literally laughed for

probably 20 or more minutes. He said it as if there were 20 of us in the room but it was only the two of us so

I thought it was hilarious. To this day he says the most random stuff that makes me almost pee myself

because I laugh so hard.  I’m also a huge fan of funny movies and tv shows. For instance, watching episodes

of Impractical Jokers has a very positive impact on my mood.

  • Ocean/rivers/lakes

there’s something about water that is so peaceful.  I could watch the waves or the flow of the water glistening

from the sunlight for hours.  One of Justin and I’s favorite things to do is go hiking at Rickett’s Glen when we

visit my Mom in PA.  There are miles of waterfalls, some around 100 ft high. It’s breathtaking and spectacular

and I’m awestruck every time I go.  

  • Pedicures

The foot and leg massage, the warm water and hot stones.  It’s a small window of time when I can just relax

and not think about anything else.  When i leave I feel and look better.

  • Massages

For those of us with chronic pain massages are especially soothing and a great way to help decrease pain.  

My favorite massage was on my honeymoon in Cancun because it was literally on the beach. Imagine

listening to the ocean waves and getting a massage at the same time. That is perfection.

  • Red sangria – My go to cocktail.  It’s sweet, but not too sweet and it has alcohol soaked fruit.  It’s like

a 2 for 1. Usually when I am drinking it, it signifies I’m out on a date with my husband or with my close

girlfriends.  Both are a win win.

  • My dog Elsa

We originally were just looking after Elsa while Justin’s mom and step-dad were stuck in FL due to health

complications.   We had thought we would only have her for a few weeks until they got back. A few weeks

turned into several months because his step-dad was unable to travel.  We eventually ended up adopting Elsa

for good. I look forward to seeing her everyday after work and morning snuggles with her are one of my

favorite things to do.  I wrote about this in a previous blog, but having a dog can really ease anxiety and

depression and give you something else to care about besides yourself. Now that we have our own house, I

also have the pleasure of dog sitting for other people’s dogs.  

  • Being in nature

This one kind of fits in with my preference for being around water.  I know a lot of people feel this way about

being in nature. I can’t describe it but somehow being around trees, hearing birds chirping, and not having

anyone else around is so peaceful and calming. I also find that I feel more at one with God when I’m in nature.  

  • Cozy blankets and being curled up on a snowy or rainy day.  Have you ever woken up on a cold rainy

day and had to go to work but wished you could light the fireplace and snuggle under the blankets at

home? I light a candle, get some hot tea, and either read a good book or catch up on a movie I haven’t


  • A clean house

Do you ever find that if your surroundings are clean and organized that you have a clearer mind and less

anxiety? My husband doesn’t understand this but I absolutely feel this way. I am constantly

organizing or cleaning our house.  We also have a cleaning lady come every few months to do a deep

clean in our home. I love coming home from work to a clean house.

If you’re reading this I would love to hear your favorite things you do for self-care!